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Co-Founder & CEO of GirlDreamer. Piano playing, Ayurvedic living, Independent coffee loving kind of person. Whatever that means. Twitter life — @KiranNotKeiran

All you aspiring yogis, this is for you.

“Assalamualaikum”, “Sat Sri Akaal” and “Namaste”. What do they all have in common? They are a greeting attached to three different religions. One belongs to Islam, another to Sikhi (or Sikhism as it’s more commonly known as) and the other to Hinduism. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

The key word to focus on is religion. They all actually mean something to groups of people who follow a particular path in life and out of all religious greetings, the most misused and mainstream one has to be Namaste. In Hinduism, Namaste is a respectful greeting when giving namaskar…

Believe it or not, you can say that exact sentence in plain, simple English and still be smart.

My whole professional career has felt like one big journey of decoding what people who are leaders or “accomplished professionals” are actually trying to say so that I too can be taken seriously and seem of importance and let’s be honest, validated.

Nodding along to words that make my brain go “wait, what?” but then hearing the gentle sniggers of those around me who seem to know what this nonsense means so laughing along too. Or sometimes reading descriptions, articles, reports and…

And yes, it’s a terrorist attack even if a white man does it.

First off, I’m not Muslim. Nor am I white. So if that comes into your mind before reading this as you decide whether this is going to be biased in any way, please remove that thought and read on with an open mind and heart.

On Friday 15th March, I woke up as I normally do for work. I’ve turned off notifications for all social media and do not keep up with the news channels as I limit my TV time too, so for me, it was a normal Friday and off I went to work. As I sat down…

Hint: the only way to go from here is up!

We all get there at some point in our lives. You know, that period of your life where things go from bad to worse and then a little worse than that until you are left at the bottom. Rock bottom to be specific.

Once you hit this point, we tend to think “that’s it, I’m done” as let’s face it, nothing could possibly be worse or go more wrong that it has done to end up here. It feels like the worse possible feeling in the world, the pain and…

The youngest city in Europe with an old mindset. It’s 2018, wake up Brum.

You’ve all heard of the cities that never sleep, but what about the city that always sleeps? No? Then keep reading.

As you may or may not know, I’m a born and bred Brummie (something we call ourselves as people from Birmingham). I’ve grown up in different areas around the city and very much know this place inside out.

A few quick facts for those who have no idea what Birmingham is:

  • It’s the youngest city in Europe, with under 25’s accounting for nearly 40% of our population.
  • It’s the second most populous city outside of London in the UK. (Often referred to as the second city)
  • We have more miles of canals than Venice, trees than Paris and more parks…

And it hit me .. “Do I have brown privilege?”

One day I was watching TV and one of my favourite programmes was on — ‘Black-ish’. I watched the Johnson family hire a new nanny and Dre (the lead male character) soon realises he has something called “black guilt”. Quick backstory (and assuming you haven’t seen this episode or the show, in which case I’d give it a quick Google search), Dre and his family are an African American family living in an upper class neighbourhood that is majority white. He has a great job in marketing, his wife is a doctor, his kids go to private school, he buys…

You’re missing a pretty important yet simple step.

The Law of Attraction. That wonderful notion of ‘like attracts like’. The thing so many people are catching on to more and more as each day passes. From your friends, co-workers and even celebrities, it seems everyone is using the LoA to manifest all the wonderful things they desire.

From Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated to giving you that daily dose of LoA quotes that make you feel like you have the universe within you and anything you see in your mind will be reflected in your physical world. That magical moment when you see yourself as flying here, achieving…

Calling out the British schooling system. You suck.

Disclaimer: this is from a British perspective on public schooling as I’m not sure of the ins and outs of school life in many other countries and do not want to speak on behalf of them. Or private schools for that matter as I did not attend one nor work in one. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me though, I love life learning! (Something I did NOT learn in school, just saying).

Ok, back to the point.

I’m just going to go right out and say it. Schools fail to teach young people anything truly valuable…

I was born, raised and still live in Birmingham, UK. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the UK’s second-largest city and boasts a community of over one million strong. We have more trees than Paris, more canals than Venice and more parks than any other European city. We are home to the famous Indian curry — ‘the balti’ and home of the industrial revolution. We are also extremely multicultural, in fact approximately 46% of the city is made up of people from a wide range of ethnic minority backgrounds. Oh and last but by no means least, we…

Kiran Kaur

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